PES File Explorer 2014 version 1.03 released 04-01

Changelogs :
  • Fixed many noticed bugs in older version
  • Improved speed of loading file, generate image, importing texture ...
  • Import & export DDS texture has better quality than before
  • Supports APK with high quality texture (changeable size)
  • Import & export block more convenient
  • Added option : uncompress file before export
  • Supports APK hex edit 
  • Some minor tweaks ...
! Must read ! :
  •  Modified APK file works only with File Loader or any newer version that supports ApkLoader plugin. Make sure "ApkLoader.dll" be added in plugin list.
  • Export file from CPK before modify
  • Alway backup your file before editing and use the tool with your own risk.
New features : 
APK viewer
 photo 1_zps392611ba.png
APK hex editor
 photo 2_zps3669226d.png
Font creator
 photo 3_zps8f6e182b.png

Download : Version

Zippyshare : http://adf.ly/iGXJs 
Moddingway : http://adf.ly/iGXJt

4 件のコメント:

  1. Please fix the loop of .hca soundloader.dll jenkey.

  2. Hello you back .. Dear Genius ... please do not leave me again ... I want the editing to the commentary files .. when I export the files to be extenion HCA ... and there was no program for any Editing to this extention ..... and we have someone in Egypt programming software. editing to this extension. HCA andThe making comments., But does not want to raise the program on the Internet ... Please Dear Genius. Want a program EDITING at fil HCA to CAN EDIT comment ... Thank you .. Please cared THIS message......私は、ファイルをエクスポートするとハロー戻って..親愛なる天才.....私は解説ファイルの修正をしたい···もう一度私を放置しないでください。 HCA..に沿っている。それがこのストレッチの改正のための任意のプログラムを持っていない.....我々はこのストレッチHCAエジプトプログラミングソフトウェア。改正の誰かを持っている。コメントをするが、インターネット...ください親愛なる天才でプログラムを上げることを望んでいません。コメントするプログラム修正をしたい···ありがとう。メッセージを世話してください..

  3. jenkey please make a program to convert hca to mp3 or adx

  4. Thanks Jenkey for this new update ! Works great
    Just font editor not working , after saving .bin , no changes in game , and when openning the file , it doesn't load content