FIFA 14 Demo File Loader beta

Simple tool for moding FIFA 14 demo without modify system data. It similar to PES series's Kitserver if you ever used.

Changelog 1.01 :
  • Fixed the issue that incompatible with x64 OS
Download : Version beta
Mirror : http://adf.ly/VXG67
Supports :  
  • All FIFA's file format
  • Works with compressed & uncompressed data.
How to use :  (please take a look inside "Docs" folder included)
  • Extract 2 files : "dsound.dll" & "Fifa14mod.ini" to "...\FIFA 14 Demo\Game\"
  • Create new folder "Fifa14mod"
  • Put your mod files in there.
  • Mod folder's name can be changed with edit file "Fifa14mod.ini"
  • Play game.
New feature incoming next version :
- Adboard loader, pitch loader : read texture direct from png or dds

16 件のコメント:

  1. stadium files not working in FIFA 14 Demo File Loader beta

    1. stadium_6_1_container_0.rx3 CAMP NOU
      festadium_250_1_container_0.rx3 arena

    2. try new file name pattern
      - data/sceneassets/stadium_665.rx3
      - data/sceneassets/stadium_665_1_texture.rx3

    3. tanx you:)

      can you extract fifa 14 3d face model from ram or big files?

    4. 匿名7/06/2014

      Hi ,

      Thanks for the post about World Cup. Just a tip about those who don't live in countries that stream world cup online. You can use UnoTelly to remove the geoblock and stream World Cup 2014 in your country free https://worldcup.unotelly.com

  2. stadium_6_1_container_0.rx3

  3. JENKEY Tell me how to open and edit faces on who program and how to add new team on fifa 14 demo?who file to open on your fifa explorer program for faces how file?

  4. why not run that with me I have the demo installed under E

    the path in Fifa14mod.ini is FIFA.14.Demo \ Game \ Fifa14mod \ data

    but it simply does not

  5. 匿名9/12/2013

    Jenkey , what you think about 1 day only dedication for PES 2013 ?
    i think is not a bad idea !

  6. fifa 14 demo overlays files not working in file loader

  7. when i press play match the game leaving can u help!?

  8. Hello Jenkey1002! I hope you continue your work on this tool, when full FIFA 14 released. It's possible to make similar tool for NHL09 on PC?

  9. 匿名9/17/2013

    hello jenkey 1002! My system is win 7 64bit ,but I do not use this tools!

  10. 匿名9/17/2013

    Hi Jenkey, I tried your tool but doesn't work, the game load without any change.

  11. 匿名9/19/2013

    Hi Jenkey, would you later will hv a file explorer for FIFA 14?