[PES2011] Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch 0.9 beta released 03-08

Gameplay tool & New Gameplay patch 0.9.0 beta released 03-08

(video clip : as soon as I can)
really sorry, cause recently I've got problem with youtube, I cannot upload video.
New gameplay mode :
  • Gameplay Jenkey 0.9.4beta : Very aggressive & creative AI, better DF + GK, New defence system
  • Gameplay Jenkey 0.8.6full : big change for AI system, full version, balance & completed 
  • Gameplay Yair25 1.1.4 : Yair's 1.1.4 version ...
New features :
  • Fix bug sound enchantment setting : increase more crowd volume
  • Automatic attach kitserver
    New physic mode :
    • Have 4 choices for physic mode for player & ball (completed with a litle ajustment from beta version)
      • Mode 1 : Default KONAMI physic
      • Mode 2 : Realistic physic for ball & player (my recommended)
      • Mode 3 : Superstar player are difirentce with the rests. Ball is a bit weighter (recommended from most of beta testers)
      • Mode 4 : No change - will use gameplay physic setting
      Note & install guide : 
      • Remember disable your antivirus software : gameplay tool is using memory hack module
        and some AV soft missunderstand it with virus, but believe me it's not the virus.
      • For upgrade to new version you must delete all files & folder from old version (for remove all old effort)
                + Gameplay tool - run.exe
                + Gameplay tool - config.exe
                + Gameplayjen
      • Extract & Copy all files to PES2011 installed foder
      • Run "Gameplay tool - config.exe" for configuration
      • Save config (If you feel gameplay is not changed ingame, try run config & save again)
      • Play game via "Gameplay tool - run.exe"

      Suggestion : 
      • Use "Animation boost" feature for better responce ingame & better DF system (COM will block your through pass...)
      • My suggestion is Gameplay mode 0.9.4 + physic mod : "no change" (use original optimize) + animation boost ;)

      Credits : Juce, Komu, Yair, Barcafan, Tunizizou
      and special thanks to all beta testers

      13 件のコメント:

      1. Darkc0de8/03/2011

        Jenkey you are God in PES ...!!!!!

        Thanks friend

      2. 匿名8/03/2011

        "My suggestion is Gameplay mode 0.9.6 + animation boost"....maybe 0.8.6?
        P.S. patch is great

      3. :D sorry, my mistake

        correct is "Gameplay mode 0.9.4 + physic mod : "no change" (use original optimize) + animation boost "

      4. 匿名8/03/2011

        bác ơi cái lưới style 3 lúc đá bóng vào nó bị lag đó

      5. How you make jenkey..what software you use
        and please make video tutorials.please :D

      6. The kitserver can't be attached. I have clicked re-attach, but it's doesn't change anything. Any solution pls?

      7. No, It's ok. It's "Automatic attach kitserver" feature. You dont need to re-attach or do anything else. :D

      8. hey actually which options u recommend ? first u said "mode 2:Realistic physic for ball & player". at the end, its "mode 4:no change". so which one is better for u ? any way to make the GP harder ? i just finished 5 matches, & i won all of em ATLEAST 3-0; no goal conceded ! :S

      9. Did you try with "mode 4:no change" ?

        :D Im sure GP is harder than original if compare. Im working for release next version but look like there arent many people still using my tool.

      10. nope not yet. will try after this :) yeah i agree, top player without GP was so easy. at least with GP, the game becomes much more realistic, but not hard lol. no im sure ppl are still using it, its either they're still using the old one or not much comments in ur blog and u think less ppl using it haha u worry too much mate.

      11. 匿名8/06/2011

        there is bug in ML, almost of your game play patch, when the someone of our player get best player, such as UEFA or World, the game will stop.. before the screen player take a reward..

      12. thanks for report. Can your share me your OF, it will helpful for testing.

      13. 匿名8/06/2011

        hi jenkey animation boost x2 is better than the simply animation boost? and what is the change?