[PES2012] Leagueserver v1.0 beta released 03-10

PES2012 - Leagueserver v1.0 beta released 03-10

Feature :
  • Add more league in EXHIBTION
  • Compatible with PES2012 version 1.01 only (also DVD & no-DVD)
  • Work with any patch & non-patch
How to install & play :
  • Extract & put all files to the same folder with PES2012.exe
  • Play game with "PES2012 - Leagueserver.exe"

    Download :  http://adf.ly/30CJF

    Beta version :
    • Added UEFA CL, COPA, Classic teams in Exhibtion
    How to edit teams list & add league configuration : Tutorial soon... 

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      1. man it doesnt work with me...

      2. it's compatible with PES2012 version 1.01 only

      3. hmm i have it...
        i copied everything and ran with admin the exe u made.... i begin game it says in green at left top that loading i go to match and nothing new...

      4. it works perfectly!!!!
        But would be more useful if one could actually play
        that league as a league

      5. do you think it is possible to create new leagues in the league menu?

      6. yes, posible but need more time.
        new league in EXHIBTION is first step

      7. why it not work for me..................
        jenkey plz an msn of u i need your help

      8. Did you play game with "PES2012 - Leagueserver.exe" ?

      9. yes...
        i cant understand y theres this problem
        ill try to reinstall dt04 and of

      10. hi jenkey. once again great work. I've got three other questions.
        1. do you think it is possible that every league and every cups has it own scoreboard?
        2. do you think that we could get the playerfaces from the game plan in the lineups (like here: http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/1709/unled1mkn.png)?
        3. do you think national supercups in the master league are possible?

      11. 1) possible, Im going to do
        2) maybe possible but it isnt my top pior, many things need to do first
        3) same with 2


      12. OK. Thanks for the fast answer. I know that they aren't important. I just wanted to know whether they are possible or not. But it would be great if you could realise the first one :D

      13. Thanks Jenkey you are a Jewel :)
        Next time don´t put Uefa Champions League, put UEFA Europa League. Uefa Champions League we don´t need because all Leagues have the Teams. LOL.

      14. hi there :)

        this is very good work. like always :)

        I have some questions:

        1. Could you add Club/National under the name of new created leagues, like under Englan League - Club, Europe - National, etc.. Did you understand what I want to ask?
        2. Please tell me how to expand categories for logo in unnamed_1183.bin in dt06.img, more than 14 categories?
        3. Write me to my mail: v_petrush@hotmail.com. PLEASE, I'm waiting for you! :)

      15. http://tribal-world-patch.blogspot.com/2011/10/languages-pes-12-full-pack.html

      16. Hi jenkey1002

        I really appreciate your work

        I have 1 little request can you make music patch with the same song you include in demo patch "Вне зоны доступа" by Город 312 (gorod 312 vne zon dostupa) because i can't play witchout this :)

      17. Update Patch 1.01 by KONAMI


      18. http://tribal-world-patch.blogspot.com/search/label/Commentary

      19. Please Jenkey Incresse the Leagues to 100!
        I can't add more Leagues than 13.

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      21. will you upload the tutorial? can you add Teams?